The talented Sandra Nanor

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"The beautiful zouk singer, Sandra Nanor began in music in 1999 in a Duet with Louis Persil for the"Fragrant Bisou"then tire still Duet with Ludo in 2001 with the titles 'Pressure 2001' and year sipote".

She then joined the Section Zouk group. In 2005, she released her own album '' Patience '' with the cooperation of Jim Rama and Patrick André then "authentic" in 2009. Meanwhile, Sandra has made many duo with various well-known artists such as Jocelyn Labylle, Jessy Belleval, Bridgett, Warren among others.

Its flagship title "before you" released in 2014 definitively placed him among the most talented artists of zouk. This title also left the selection in "Best by box Exo Zouk"

"At my age, I will no longer play with time,

Know that I love you, I will no longer suffer as before

At my age, I no longer have the time

I want more

"suffer as before"

Composed by Thierry Delannay and written by Edouard Phanis
Found Thierry Delannay on guitar and Thierry ROBERT NAUDIN mixing and mastering PM Studio (OBIS)

She has released a new title in January 2016: "The echo of your voice"

Here is an Interview of Sandra Nanor

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