Ronald Rubinel and his "mutual Malone"

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He is a singer, musician, songwriter. He has produced many albums for many Caribbean artists including Njie, Shydeeh. Keyboardist for the Group Kassav. It is named…?

Ronal Rubinel! This is one of the greatest actors of zouk.

I'll just introduce his title "the anmou mutual" with "Tilda" who obviously speaks of feeling. It's a retro zouk, that we always dance in disco and during our evenings.



I love the retro as melancholic, gentle and enivrants. We dance on it.

In any case, I let you appreciate these two titles of Ronald Rubinel.

See you soon!


Musician in Haitian groups, in the 1970s, he was noticed by its participation in the keyboard in Loketo soukouss records and other Zairian stars.

In the Antilles, he is a musician of style lanmou in 1970 and zouk since the 1980s. It consist of Latin American music.

It is illustrated on keyboards during tours of Kassav, the creole company as well as many artists and Orchestra with which he worked

He signed the Black Jack album in tandem with Kassav Jean-philippe Macdonald singer with the hit "Guinea pig"

Ronald becomes a singer has success with his hits "Tilda" and "L" reciprocal Anmou "

His title "Zulu" marks the beginning of a long collaboration with African artists (Aurlus Mabele, Diblo Dibala, etc..)

Eclectic, it also borders on Latin music with Cuban musicians and produced several albums of salsa with Salsa-kolor.

Inventive, it creates concepts like games of ladies who meet on several albums Caribbean female stars, Brazilian and African, whose tubes "Sleeping pill" and "Fam Fô"

Ethnikolor is a tribute to the traditional West Indian music sung by the stars of the West Indies-Guyana under the aegis of Ronald RUBINEL

Compakolor in company his musician friends and Haitian singers it does honor to the compass of the album is recorded in Paris, New York and Montreal > total success

Ragga-Kolor CDs with the participation of Mc Janik, Admiral T, Jah Mike, and many others have many tubes that make a "No pa pran crack" misfortune, "Chèché pompié", "Paki paid"

Reggae-kolor realizes in Jamaica with members of the family of Bob Marley Tuff Gong at the Jamaica studio is a pure delight

Singer, musician, composer, arranger, producer, he participated in the advent of the singer Edith Lefel (1963-2003), who was his companion.

In 2007, Ronald Rubinel entered the very closed circle of the members at the SACEM1 life

It has, moreover, signed a publishing contract with Sony Music. Despite the approach of the American Desmond Child

Ronald RUBINEL realizes the Coca-Cola vanilla pub interpreted by Jacob Desvarieux and Jocelyne Labylle

In 2011, he received a honorary prize of the SACEM Martinique to Fort de France for

the whole of his career and his contribution to antillo-Guyanese culture.

Since 2008 he composed and directed the wonderful clips of the singer of talent NJIE

Ronald RUBINEL is defined as the world musician and Ambassador of tropical crops.




















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