Pokemon GO live at the movies by Legendary Pictures

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If Pokémon invades consoles, smartphones and TVs, this was not yet the case in the cinema. It will soon be things made.

Because the legendary production company Legendary Pictures acquired the rights to Pokémon.

Founded by Thomas Thull in 2000, Legendary Pictures is at the origin of several blockbusters (The Dark Knight, 300, Watchmen, hangover, Godzilla, Inception, clash of the titans, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Interstellar, Jurassic World, Warcraft The beginning…) that have generated more than 13 billion dollars in revenues. Legendary Pictures

It is probably the right time to launch such a project with the international craze that causes Pokemon GB. New fans will have no doubt eager to find their favorite characters live at cinema.

However, according to Variety, it would seem that the movie will draw more of the game Detective Pikachu, unreleased game in Europe and America.

"" The writers could be Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch, those already in charge of the scenario of the "guardians of the Galaxy 2" and "Gravity falls"

Wait & see

Update: Excerpt from Legendary pictures release which confirms the orientation of the project:

Los Angeles, CA – 20 July, 2016 – Legendary Entertainment and The Pokémon Company have announced their partnership to launch the first Pokémon live-action movie franchise based on DETECTIVE PIKACHU, a new character and history in the Pokémon (www.pokemon.com). The world first met detective Pikachu through a video game at the Japan and other details of the manner in which his story will be told are kept secret for the moment. The start of production is planned for 2017.

First introduced in Japan in 1996, Pokémon has fans of all ages around the world for two decades. With more than 279 million video games sold in the world, 21.5 billion cards TCG shipped to 74 countries, and an animated series covering 19 seasons, Pokémon is one of the brands of entertainment the most successful in the world. Universal Pictures will ensure the distribution of the film live-action outside the Japan as it has done with other Legendary films for years. A long time collaborator of The Pokémon Company, Toho, will ensure the distribution of the film at the Japan franchise, as it had done in its partnership with Legendary on reboot of the iconic Monster for Godzilla. The agreement was negotiated by Don McGowan, general counsel to The Pokémon Company International, which led the negotiations with an external lawyer Dan Black of Greenberg Traurig. Marty Willhite, legendary COO and general counsel as well as Daniel Feinberg, Vice President Corporate Counsel and Mike Ross, senior vice-president, business and Legal Affairs, represented the studio.

Back on the impressive CV of Legendary picture:

2005 : Batman Begins
2006 : Superman Returns
2006 : La Jeune Fille de l'eau (Lady in the Water)
2006 : Lucas, fourmi malgré lui
2006 : Beerfest
2006 : We Are Marshall
2007 : 300
2008 : 10,000 BC
2008 : The Dark Knight
2009 : Watchmen
2009 :Very Bad Trip
2009 : Max et les Maximonstres
2009 :Ninja Assassin
2010 : Le Choc des Titans
2010 : Jonah Hex
2010 : Inception
2010 : The Town
2011 : Sucker Punch
2011 :Very Bad Trip 2
2012 : La Colère des Titans
2012 : The Dark Knight Rises
2013 : Very Bad Trip 3
2013 : Man of Steel
2013 : Jack le chasseur de géants (Jack the Giant Killer)
2013 : Pacific Rim
2014 : 300 : La Naissance d'un Empire
2014 :  Godzilla3
2014 : Interstellar
2014 : Dracula Untold
2014 :Invincible (Unbroken)
2015 :  Hacker (Blackhat)
2015 : Dead Rising (Dead Rising: Watchtower)
2015 : Le Septième Fils
2015 : Jurassic World
2015 : Steve Jobs
2015 : Crimson Peak
2016 : Warcraft : Le Commencement


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