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I present you a very promising new artist: DomKing. Originally from Guadeloupe, he had already surprised us in 2015 by his title "Péyi an mwen" in duet with Blunt It was a nostalgic and a revival of the legendary title of Francky Vincent "A ka Manman".

Today with his new title "Forcément", he affirms his style posed to the innovative sounds punctuated with flashes of retro zouk. 

His song is undeniably soothing and enjoyable.  Sweet. The rhythm is dramatic and allows itself to be danced The more I listen and the more I appreciate!
The more I listen and more I appreciate!

The release of "Forcément" was the occasion to talk with Domking:

Why did you choose zouk as a musical genre?

I did not really choose the zouk as my favorite musical genre, to say truth I compose, I write according to the feeling of the moment.
I would say more than I like the Caribbean style and sounds. 

What are your inspirations? What messages do you want to pass?

I take inspiration from everything, my own experiences, that of my loved ones, and life in general, even if my answer seems simplistic, it is essentially this cocktail that comes from my inspiration.

Many of my titles are slices of life, in fact it is more stories put into songs.
Obviously some songs contain it, it's quite subtle. 

Is it yourself that produces your music? 

Yes, from beginning to end. 

What is your team? sound engineer? mixer … ? 

I work in a small team.
I am surrounded by people who have been with me since the beginning, namely MatrX with whom I compose my titles, some members of my family, including my cousin who set up his own video structure "Smilax Films", he takes care of the part imaging.

"Tonifara" are long-time friends, he is in charge of network communication and a singer named "Léna" has recently closed the team.

What will be your future projects?

In the autumn, my new title "Paradis" should come out. Currently, I prepare my album, it takes me a lot of time, eventually I hope I can defend it on stage. I invite readers to follow my news on social networks.


Good listening to everybody!

Dominique Didier allias Domking is an author, composer, and performer.
A true music lover, he was able to be noticed on the compilation "Passion zo
uk" by signing in 2009 one of the flagship titles of the compilation "No
Promise" for the artists Trade Union, which included Yoan (interpreter of th
e Reprise Kalin by M.Floro Gilles).


In July 2015: he returns with a title "Péyi an mwen" a real tribute to his isl
and, Guadeloupe, on a cover of the title "Aka manman" by Mr Francky V
incent, giving rise to an article in the French-Caribbean non Insensitive t
o this little nod.

in preparation for his album, DomKing releases a little auditory jewel with the
title "Forcément" which already receives a nice welcome

DomKing - Forcément

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