Tanya Saint Val you to me: "You and Me"

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This is the great Zouk singer what Tanya Saint val. She is the Princess of Zouk love. Jimmy Devarieux sister. The one who literally took the heart of brothers Dj Scalper and Dj Niky (and many other men probably).

She's an artist hyper talented, monstrous in his creative ability and its regularity to produce tubes. Superlatives fail yet to qualify Tanya St Val. Alone, it is a group, the equivalent of a Kassav.

Tanya St val has a very good voice and sings beautifully.

Tanya St Val Tanya St Val year you vle diwTanya St VAl poses

This is one of his recent titles that I love that speaks of love and tenderness.

You could choose the song "You and Me" to your declaration of love with Valentine, for example. It's a song that gives off, in fact a lot of feelings.

Let you rediscover this title, good listening.


But before leave you, I remind you a grandiose title where she presents the authentic love: "The anmou Mi". Attention it is strong!

(in French) "hooo, what's not, look at me, for the first time that I felt, it was that you looked at me lovingly. "When you came to talk to me I already want to caress you…" "I want my life wanting" "What a pleasure to have you"

See you soon!


Born in 1966, Tanya Saint-Val has always evolved in the world of music: early on, she imitates the variations of voice of his grandmother, singing operetta. At the age of nine, she recorded an album of traditional music with his father, guitarist, singer and professional composer. She is quickly dl' one of the most well-known ratiste and the most talented with titles like Tanbou (Carnival), Mi shawl, hug, year love… more recently, dream in secret, my name, Waths'up (the list is still long)


Good an pti last listening to "secret dream":


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