Nice declaration of Slaï: “Je t’emmène au loin”;

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Today, it is the turn of talented Guadeloupean singer, Slaï. We remember all of his beautiful musical “flamme“. Its titles are always soft, sensual and sentimental.

Its title “Je t’emmène au loin” is in continuity. I love this melody that deals with escape, feelings which pervade us, a little time spent two between her lover, strong and privileged moments. Happiness what!

If you want to make your statement, you could always you inhale it “I take you off above the clouds to a long journey” (“Je t’emmène au loin au dessus des nuages faire un long voyage”).

Good listening.

At the next!
A small return on the masterpiece “Flamme”

A few words about Sava

Slaï of his real name Patrice Sylvestre was born February 10, 1973 in Val-d’Oise in France.

He spent part of his childhood and adolescence in Guadeloupe until 1996, date on which he made his return in France.

It a very early passion for music. In 1998 “flamme”, will have a great success in the Caribbean, while it is not distributed in France and will in 2004.

He returned in 2002 with an album simply titled all Slaï, the title ‘La dernière danse‘ will make it known to the public and it will finally open the doors of success and those radios, will follow a reissue of “Flamme” in a new genre. It is then a sequence of hits such as “Flamme” out for the occasion in France, “ce soir ou jamais”, “Après la tempête” from the album anthology released 2004, confirming the taste of the public for its new tropical sounds. the album was very sacred quickly double gold disc.

In 2011, he returned with a new album stop worn by the first single “Autour de toi”. Will follow the titles “ca ne te convient pasand “Si ou enme mwen” or.

In July 2013, Tropical Family compilation released in stores. It includes tracks the poems of Michelle taken from Teri Moses interpreted by Slaï and he played the piano standing resumption of France Gall performed by Slaï and Mélissa Nkonda.

December 1, 2014, he published opus Double Six and a new single “Stop… encore”

(Source Wikipedia)

Sava I you take


1996: installation in Paris,.
1997: Recording his first title “Fou d’elle”.
1998: “Fresh”, first solo album,
2002: “SAV”, second solo album,
2004: New version of the title “Flamme”, more than 250,000 singles sold,.
November 2004: “Miscellany”, third solo album, close to 300,000 copies sold,
January 2005: “the last dance” (does not fit with you tonight), over 150,000 singles sold,
May 2005: “after the storm”, more than 50 000 singles sold,
April 2008: Single “Private lessons”,
July 21, 2008: release of the new album titled “Caribbean”.

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