First pictures from "Resident Evil The Final chapter"

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Resident Evil The final chapter for January 2017

The series in film Resident Evil scripted, performed or produced by the father of awesome Mortal Kombat the movie, Paul W.S Anderson, will be a new episode will be released January 27, 2017 in the United States, which should be issued on 1 February 2017 in our.

Adapted from the eponymous game, Resident Evil The final chapter, the sixth episode, was announced the last as reveals its title. The previous films were the Resident Evil in 2002 (not bad), Resident Evil Apocalypse in 2004 (entertaining), Resident Evil Extinction (interesting), Resident Evil After Life 2010 (delusional), Resident Evil Retribution in 2012 (the great no matter what).

Always with main character, Alice played by former model Milla Jovovich (ex wife of Luc Besson in passing and current wife of Paul W.S. Anderson), a band announcement is scheduled for August 9.

The film will reveal the origins of Alice in the Resident Evil universe. We will be entitled to a return to Racoon City (city flagship of the first Resident Evil video game) and the underground complex called the Hive of Umbrella Corporation (creator of the famous Virus T series).

Will be at the side of Milla, Wentworth Miller in Chris Redfield, Ali Carter in Claire Redfield, Iain Glen in Dr. Isaacs, Shawn Roberts in Albert Wesker.


Resident Evil - The Final Chapter

Waiting for you here the first teaser:

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