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Hi, I just tell you about Princess Lover one of the finest artists and singers of zouk. She played titles always very well written and relates to you. eEle is always emotional.

I think it will be a long career as "Jocelyne Béroard" and Tanya Saint Val. Much of his titles are of quality.

I wish you good listening music in the company of Princess.

At the next kiss.
All my dreams

Princess Lover, born Nicole Nérêt September 3, 1978 in Martinique is a zouk singer. She came to prominence thanks to his hit my Sun released in 2000.


Having started in the dance hall, Princess Lover became over time the most beautiful voice of zouk of the 2000s and the singer the most charismatic, popular Caribbean Community.

She began her career at the age of 14 with her brother Master MX, a singer of dancehall for their first tube Chi'enmen which becomes a success. After numerous appearances in zouk and ragga compilations that have earned him popularity incotestable, she decided in 1998 to go abroad. Arrived in Paris, she joined the school of Alice Dona and makes many meetings which multiply its potential. One of them has led to the release of three singles and two clips under the Freedonia label headed by Fabrice Nataf. Of Martinique descent, this Princess of love represents the image of his island, leading a national career and Caribbean passionately.

After the success of titles "My Sun" and "I know" featuring Perle Lama, released in 2000, in 2002, Princess Lover shows again his talent with his tube in life that mark his first solo album just me appearing in July 2003, invading the world Caribbean with diverse music, honeyed voice rhythms and melodies transpercantes of the singer as well as many participations by artists such as Sonia Dersion Ali Angel, Frederick Wurtz, Jocelyne Labylle and Master MX. The album has sold more than 70,000 copies.

Afterwards, Princess Lover integrated the management group Lickshot Entertainment following the first concert of the singer, instead a single featuring Lady Laistee which leads to the achievement of the second volume of his album just me released in April 2006.

In 2007, she directed the remix of his hit my Sun and in 2012, she returned with the Fe chimen title ' w and then in 2015, with I the laisserai1.



  • 2003-just me


  • 1992 – Chi'enmen (feat. Master MX)
  • 2000 – I know (feat. Perle Lama)
  • 2000 – My Sun
  • 2002 – Injured woman (feat. Jocelyne Labylle)
  • 2002 – in life
  • 2006 – Be there
  • 2007 – My Sun (remix)
  • 2012 – Fe chimen'w
  • 2015 – I let them








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