The unforgettable Patrick Saint Eloi with his "Ki jan ke fe"

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Patrick St Eloi


This time I will speak of the great Patrick Saint Eloi, a Guadeloupean artist endowed with a very beautiful voice. A sweet, charming voice on many exciting melodies. Music on which I danced on multiple occasions. His songs are also always well written.
He unfortunately left much too early… I leave you enjoyed one of his finest songs:

This song is about a man who wonders how he will do if he is not his wife to his side. I think it's a beautiful statement that he made at his beautiful.

Telling him that he will always be for it, and that this is not a story about age.

It is one of great singer of zouk love your time and your generation. "" It has a title that I really like also it is called "ti rakoun" he talks about children at risk and must protect.




Patrick Saint-Eloi, born October 20, 1958 in Pointe-à-Pitre has lived in the mold. He was part of the famous group Kassav'. He died aged 51 on September 18, 2010

His name is associated with the Zouk Love. He sang mostly in creole. Its main tube of Zouk Love was released in 1982 on his 1st solo album Mizik Sé Lanmou ('music it's love").

At the age of 17, he left Guadeloupe to get to Paris, to try his luck in this sector. Singing lessons will enable it to achieve a certain voice control and a meeting with Georges Décimus bassist will be crucial for its future. It incorporates the Venus One group where he became the resident singer.

In 1982, he joined a training that would later become the famous band Kassav'. It integrates it firstly as a Chorister. Will lead a series of concerts marked by the success of this group. This will not prevent Patrick Saint-Eloi make his own creations in solo, and be praised to become a full-fledged star. It is the best-known or even Caribbean Guadeloupe crooner, zouk lover by excellence (lead singer of zouk love).

The year 1999 will be his consecration, occurring in Olympia, sold-out room. Patrick Saint-Eloi will play the role of Ambassador of the Guadeloupean culture, still so attached to its roots.

In 2002, he left the band Kassav' and returned to Guadeloupe.

In 2005, he collaborated in an album with famous Brazilian singer Gilberto Gil.

In 2007, he produced a best of his compositions in the album Zoukolexion2. In May 2007 for his 25 year career he occurs at the Zénith in Paris. August 13, 2008, a tribute concert on the Damencourt site in the commune of mould is organized by the Guadeloupe region with an estimated audience to almost 40,000 people.

He died on September 18, 2010 around 4 o'clock in the morning of the continuations of a cancer at the home of her sister. He is buried in the cemetery of the mould on 22 September, in the wake of a public vigil


  • Zoukolexion vol. 2, 2008
  • Zoukolexion, 2007
  • Plezi, 2005
  • Swing Ljubica, 2002
  • At the Olympia, 2000
  • Zoukamine, 1994
  • Bizouk, 1992
  • Scheduled, 1984
  • Mizik Ce Lanmou, 1982

Congratulations to the artist you will remain in our hearts, thanks to your beautiful titles, could never forget you.

A tribute article

All his titles including Patrick St Eloi participated.

At the request

A Tou Pwi

 Year the
 Year Plas'ay
 Donny Viv
 APE Lanmou
 Ay Pwan Van
 Bad Trip – Patrick Saint-Eloi, Caracas, Frederic
 Ballad Kreyol
 Bahl – Afole yo (feat. Jean-Philippe Marthely)
 Bay chabon
 Bel Kreati
 CHANTE Popilè
 Colonel Reyel – every night
 Costuleta – Tchiriri
 DJ Mam's – Zumba He Zumba Ha (feat. Soldier Jahman, Luis Guisao)
 Douvan Jou
 E.Sy Kennenga – Pa pe
 In the Monte
 NRT Vou
 Eskize mwen
 Night Elf
Hello dous
Intro milton


Jean-Marie Ragald – Love you

Jean-Michel Rotin – Stop (feat. Tiwony)

Kalash – Pran pie (feat. Lieutenant)

Ki Moune

Ki jan ke fe

Ki moun

Kim – Confidence

KOM' Bak'

Krys – Soldiers (feat. Soprano)


The Esancyel

The kle




MOM kreyol

Men' born Mwen

Puts ' year Wout

Beso MI

MI tchê mwen


MB lanmou

Moussier raffle – Logobitombo

Neg'Marrons, Lynnsha – my ideal

Neither Asse


OLA or ye

Orlane – Chauhan

 Yes or no
 PA doubt
Pa.Za.Pa – Saint Eloi Patrick
 PANI lajan
Patrice Hulman – Manman or se lanmou
 Patrick Saint-Eloi – Mi tchê mwen
 Perle Lama – in your heart
 Poézi Lord
 Fish the
 Pou Pe
 John – Mwen vlew
 Remix Grav' ( – Eloi/dj Jackson)
 Rev in mwen
 i or Vle
Si se Yes
 Soley Show
 Stony – come back to me
 Sweet Cherie
 Tanya Saint-Val – An te vle di'w
 Tchembe the
 TI Rakoun
 Tik Tak
 V – ro – take care of yourself
 We the
 West indies
 Zioum (I Adan
 Zie of love
 Zye Damour


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