Kim: "you're the only one for me"

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The talented Kim is a complete artist revealed in broad daylight with "My friend".

"She has a very beautiful voice and sang wonderful songs like ' you are alone for me". I love this little piece. I'm a MOM so I know what can feel Kim with this beautiful melody. It is a love story between a mother and a son. Who can undo this unique link with her baby? Asked about from the belly on the coaxing she told sweet words, and as soon as it comes out it has a link very strong with her baby. This is what is called the maternal link. With a beautiful melody, Kim we relate these beautiful emotions. Continuous Kim!


It was in 2008 that Kim met the author-composer Melo Gangstaa who decided to work with it. In a few months, it released its first title, «Merit mwen», that appears in the «Passion Zouk» compilation released by Wagram Music. The clip wasted no time and made a buzz on the Internet with more than 30,000 seen in three weeks. Kim, the singer with the velvet voice, released his first album "First steps" in December 2009, worn by the single "My friend", she meets a great success and received the title of Revelation of the year 2010 by the jury of the trophies des Arts Afro-Caribbean. She then pursues the promotion of her album with more than 300 dates through the France, the United States, Africa and the West Indies.

After a break, where the young lady becomes MOM (she has a 21 month old boy), Kim returned in 2012 with a new title "Bats toi", and a new team: the co-production Maxaprod Edit and Organiz'Zouk. More mature and more determined than ever, the new Kim seduced: the title is listened to more than 100,000 times on Youtube and is ranked third in the Top Itunes. A second single, entitled "Fatal women", Duet with Stony zouk singer, was released in July 2012 and meets a runaway success! They are classified 3 rd of the Top Itunes as soon as the clip launch party. The video is displayed more than 300 000 times in just two weeks. In November 2012, Kim Almacha followed with his third single entitled "Hard to forget you", co-written by Marvin, singer-songwriter. In less than two months the clip is viewed over a million times. And it is always ranked in the Top 5 Itunes!

December 26, 2012, Kim mounted on boards of the Divan du Monde for his first solo concert. The audience responds largely present and the concert is announced full two weeks before the big day! And to start the year 2013, Kim befriended Marvin on the track «Don't going you not», which was very well received by the public: over 600,000 views in two weeks, ranked No. 1 on Itunes! The Princess of zouk filled once again a prestigious concert hall La Cigale, may 18, 2013. This date has confirmed the ambitions of Kim for another full year of challenge: a new album in preparation ("this will be for late 2013 or early 2014," she said), and many artistic collaborations!

Kim is undoubtedly the artist to follow very closely to the end of 2013, and knowing the popularity of the Reunion Island public for zouk, no doubt she is going to beat in St. Paul. "I came already on the island five times, I love, the public is warm and welcoming" says Kim we had on the phone last week. "I will sing my songs to success, and perhaps duets with Axel Tony and Marvin, it will be the surprises to discover…" says.

Kim is now one of the major fatal women.











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